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CryoSoft, founded in 1995, develops specialized software for comprehensive analysis tools utilized in technologies critical to successful design and operation superconducting magnets including electromagnetic and thermo-hydraulic analysis.  The principle for CryoSoft, Dr. Luca Bottura, was educated at University of Bologna and University of Swansea. He worked several years on the Next European Torus team at Garching (Munich), and is currently a lead scientist at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. His specialty includes mechanical, electrical, and helium hydrodynamics design and process simulation. He represents the CryoSoft company, and is the author of the CryoSoft codes.  Dr. Bottura's e-mail is Luca.Bottura@cern.ch


The CryoSoft 8.0 Suite of Products...

A multi-tasking code manager for the integration of technology-specific products within the CryoSoft Suite of codes.

Models thermohydraulic (cooling, quench, and stability) and electric current distribution in superconducting cables. This product offers astounding flexibility and simulation power.

Offers cryogenic hydraulic network analysis - modeling complex piping and cryogenic system, aiming at the analysis of steady state and transients processes in cooling systems and proximity cryogenics.

Provides for the analysis of electrical circuit transients in superconducting magnet systems.

Evaluates transient and steady state conductive heat transfer in 3-dimensional solids.

Computes an arbitrary 3-D magnetic system, producing maps of the magnetic field, magnetic vector potential and AC loss, or the operating point, inductance and energy of the magnetic system.

Evaluates a 0-dimensional stability analysis..

An interactive cable designer that simulates the physical cabling process and produces geometry and electrical coupling parameters of a superconducting cable.

Provides optimization of cross-sections of superconducting cables.


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