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Engineering Services...

Solving difficult problems through a combination of Engineering Expertise, Best Available Data, full consideration of Best Available Technologies, and Software Tools that predict system performance and fine-tune a design beyond the scope of engineering intuition is the foundation for delivering value through our Engineering Services business segment.

In achieving this high level of service, Horizon Technologies has always been involved in computer software design and development.  Projects specific to software development using a variety of programming languages, developing comprehensive Excel worksheets for tracking and analysis purposes, generalized database development, customized data access tools, and product development for a broad scope of applications.

The value of any engineering consulting service lies not in a company, but in the experience of the individuals providing the service.  Through direct experience and utilizing key associates, Horizon Technologies provides expert engineering consulting in the following areas:

Energy Sector applications, such as the feasibility and application of alternative energy technologies (in particular biomass conversion technologies), production of transportation fuels, heat optimization, and steam system / steam energy optimization

Chemical, Specialty Chemical and Pharmaceutical Process Analysis

Utility Resource Optimization

Petroleum Refining, Gas Processing, and Petrochemical Process Analysis

Batch Process and Reactor Modeling

Food and Beverage Process Analysis

Cost Modeling

Mathematical Analysis

Thermodynamic and Physical/Chemical Property Estimation Algorithms

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