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...providing innovative solutions... begins with understanding your needs and providing complete information on our offerings, experience and capabilities to help you make the best, informed decision to meet both immediate and long-term technology requirements.

Providing... highly accurate fluid and material property packages, superconductivity analysis packages, plus hydraulic and heat flow analysis packages.

Providing... customized property estimation algorithms, software integration services to incorporate these packages into your in-house or commercial software programs, and development of data management system.

Helping you... get more out of your technology investment.

Software Products...

  • Fluid Property Packages

  • Material Property Packages

  • Superconductivity Analysis


  • Customized Excel Analysis Tools

  • Technology Database Applications

  • Software Design and Development




...providing innovative solutions... by integrating a broad range of design tools and expertise to find those solutions that meet your technical and business needs. Staying competitive and productive is essential and requires attention to details that may not be core competency areas within your company.

Providing... expert process modeling, analysis, and optimization. Our expertise covers a broad range of chemical, mechanical, and environmental engineering technologies. When it comes to process or energy system optimization, we identify a variety of solution approaches so you can make an informed decision. And, we follow through by providing ongoing customer support - it's just one facet of a complete solution offering.

Helping you... by providing the highest level of engineering analysis.

Engineering Services...

  • Energy Sector Solutions, including Biomass Conversion technologies and other Alternative Energy technologies, production of Transportation Fuels, Heat Optimization, and Steam System / Steam Energy Optimization

  • Chemical, Specialty Chemical and Pharmaceutical Process Analysis

  • Utility Resource Optimization

  • Petroleum Refining Processes

  • Batch Process and Reactor Modeling

  • Food and Beverage Processes

  • Cost Analysis

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