About Us…

In business since 1997, Horizon Technologies provides leading fluid and material property packages, and superconductivity analysis software that includes heat and fluid flow analysis. We specialize in modeling, analysis and optimization of a variety of fluid-based processes.

We strive to utilize the best available tools to achieve the highest level of technical analysis and software development within the perspective of balancing the extent of analysis or development environment required by our clients for them to realize best value in using our Engineering Software and Services offering.

Horizon Technologies: 

  • Provides innovative software products for easy access, estimation, analysis and display of fluid (gas and liquid) properties from a wide range of property database formats, including proprietary fluid property databases, and provide side-by-side data source comparisons. This allows for easy and consistent utilization of fluid property data in a wide array of calculations.
  • Assists clients in transforming proprietary engineering methods and data into commercial quality software formats, either as stand-alone programs or integrated with other engineering software packages or calculation environments.
  • Provides consultation and product development for proprietary, emerging technologies being brought to more extensive engineering use through a software environment.